"Fables #127"
First published in December 2012
Written by Bill Willingham
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"Fables 126"
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"Fables 128"



Plot Edit

Reynald the Fox watches Beast tells The Blue Fairy that Geppetto wants to wed her, this buys Beast more time to think of a plan. However Beast tells Reynald that Geppetto isn't aware of his plan. At Fabletown's castle, Brandish locks up Snow, forcing Snow to sent Ghost out to find Bigby. Snow tries to escape while Brandish is out, but fails. The witches discover that the magic surrounding Brandish will deflect pain to Snow instead. Snow tries to kill Brandish with a mirror shard, but it's deflected to her. He then break one of her arms. Lake appears from Flycatcher's bath, and wants to negotiate about the Blue Fairy. Rose Red has a bit of a plan with rubber bullets, but before she can do them, Bigby in full wolf form comes bursting though a wall. He yells in angry where is Snow.

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