"Fables #104"
First published in January 2011
Written by Bill Willingham
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"Fables 103"
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"Fables 105"



Plot Edit

The strike team fights Mr. Dark who has broken though the barrier. Mr. Dark decapitates Grinder, killing him. Thumbelina, who is a tiny fable, goes into Mr. Dark ear, hurting him. Mr. Dark eats Bigby as a whole, and cuts Flycatcher in half. Bigby then transforms into his full wolf form, making Mr. Dark explode. However all the action was actually Pinocchio's plan to defeat Mr. Dark, it didn't actually happen. Mr. Dark visits to see Nurse Spratt progress, but reveal that he is the man he had planned for her to be with. Flycatcher tells Beast that he has to use the armor instead of him since his powers are not working. Bigby goes outside to find his father who plans to kill Ghost.

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