"Fables #103"
First published in December 2010
Written by Bill Willingham
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"Fables 102"
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"Fables 104"



Plot Edit

Bigby and Snow wake up after a night of sex, while Geppetto assigns a little man with an important job to do. Nurse Spratt continues to lose weight, more everyday due to Mr. Dark. Weyland Smith prepares Flycatcher's new gold armor. Ozma tells Flycatcher that he needs to transport Snow, Beauty and Bliss to North Wind's castle so Bigby and Beast won't have the fear of losing them. Since Mr. Dark feeds on fear, the strike team can't have any. Beauty questions why her room is a mess, but then she finds a decapitated mouse. Beast discovers that he can't transform into his beast form for some reason. At his castle, the North Wind finishes reading to his grandchildren, he has decided unfortunately that he will kill his grandson named Ghost. Ozma tells Pinocchio that the team is ready, while Flycatcher looks in amazment at his new huge set of gold armor to fight Mr. Dark.

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