"Fables #102"
First published in November 2010
Written by Bill Willingham
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"Fables 101"
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"Fables 103"



Plot Edit

Flycatcher brings Bigby to Haven, where important things are happening. The North Wind finds out that his secret grandson, Ghost, is a zephyr. However he doesn't want to kill him even though he swore he would kill all zephyrs. At Haven, Ozma is part of a strike/ super team to go after Mr. Dark. Meanwhile Beauty is scared that Mr. Dark is free again, but Beast promises her that he will Beauty and their daughter Bliss safe. Flycatcher shows Bigby that Mr. Dark is right outside of Haven's magical barrier, and he is getting closer everyday to breaking the wall. Flycatcher tells Bigby that Ozma is assembling a strike team consisting of her, Bigby and several others.

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