"Fables #100"
First published in September 2010
Written by Bill Willingham
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"Fables 99"
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"Fables 101"



Plot Edit

Mr. Dark and Bellflower engage each other as everyone stands by for what's next to come. Mr. Dark fight Bellflower, but is near boxes, intimating him. Beauty and Best are outside when all of a sudden, Beauty screams in pain from the baby. Back to the fight, Bell flower injures Mr. Dark. Beast carries Beauty who is in deep pain, after Nurse Spratt tells him that Beauty isn't due for labor, she turns her back on him. Beast then turns into his full beast form and threatens Nurse Spratt with Beauty still in his arms. Bell flower uses a spell to fill Mr. Dark with so much sugar, his teeth fall out. With Beast already irritated, Snow tells Nurse Spratt to try and be nicer to people since she is ugly. Grimble empties numerous gold coins in an alley way, which Bell Flower sends right unto Mr. Dark, since gold is his weakness. Clara melts the gold and him to create a statue, trapping Mr. Dark again. The fables celebrate and plan to use Mr. Dark's castle of Fabletown ruins for their benefit in the future. Doctor Swineheart tells Beast the news and he holds his newborn baby daughter with Beauty still alive. Bell flower and Dunster Happ are engaged. At the Farm everyone sleeps during the day, however at the castle in Fableltown, the golden statue of Mr. Dark breaks free and kills Bell Flower and Hobbes. Mr. Dark leaves and says he'll return. Everyone evacates the Farm to Haven, while Bigby will stay in the mundy world to look for a new place to retreat to. Later it is revealed that Bell Flower is not actually dead, she wants everyone to believe so and that she won't fight Mr. Dark anymore. Mr. Dark finds Nurse Spratt and gives her three things she wants so that she will tell them where everyone went. At Havens castle, in Beauty's and Beast's room, while alone their daughter turns into a miniature beast monster to get back her teddy bear.

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