Eliza Wall
Eliza Wall
Species Literal
Family The Walls (brothers), The Literals
Occupation The Fourth Wall
First Appearance Jack of Fables #025

Eliza Wall is a member of the family of The Literals. She is the youngest of the Wall siblings, making her the fourth Wall. She is the personification of the Fourth Wall.

Among the Literals some of them are aware of the fictional nature of the universe; however, she is the only one that addresses the reader directly outside of narration boxes, and thus breaks the fourth wall.


Eliza Wall begins by presenting herself to the reader as the narrator for the Turning Pages arc of Jack of Fables. She narrates the young lives of the Page Sisters while making off mark comments on Jack's own narration.

She briefly joins the plot, along side Dex in order to save Jack from Humpty Dumpty and an army of Knifejohns. She is then seen having a picnic with her brothers.

She and her brothers join Kevin Thorn, and most of the Literals in a new blank universe.

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