FAI21 Dickory
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Status Alive
Species Fable; mouse
Original Source Hickory Dickory Dock
"Hickory, dickory, dock. The mouse runs up the clock. The clock strikes one... The mouse runs down, et cetera, et alia."

Dickory is a Fable mouse whose magic can manipulate time. He's based at The Farm but also works as one of Cinderella's espionage assets.


Spy Cinderella originally brought Dickory, Puss in Boots and Jenny Wren together for a mission in Dubai where an unknown magical artifact was discovered to be in use. The three animals were based at The Farm but Cindy equipped herself with a bracelet that could call each of them to her if she required their assistance.[1]

Cindy's mission eventually revealed that her Fairy Godmother had led a coup in Ultima Thule — one of the Homelands with monthslong day and night cycles — and was smuggling in weapons from the mundane world to consolidate her strength before midnight fell and sapped her powers. However, Cindy called upon Dickory who used his abilities to manipluate the clock and see that night time came to Thule earlier than expected, allowing Cinderella to defeat her godmother.[1]