Species Literal
Family The Literals
Occupation Deus Ex Machina
First Appearance Jack of Fables #027

Dex is a member of the Literals family. He is the personification of the Deus Ex Machina.


Dex as a Literal has the power to make anything happen, but only once in a while and before he gets too old. He seems to know when his particular talent would be needed; that means that when a truly unsolvable problem is about to take place. He likes to taunt his cousins whenever he is mentioned, usually telling them it's not his time yet. He tends to speak in french, and stays for a very short time.

He and Kevin are not on good terms, mirroring how the Deus ex Machina is undesirable in good storytelling. Meanwhile he seems really close to the Walls.


Dex first appears on the battle against the Knifejacks where he saves Jack by giving them sudden pneumonia. He is asked to save Robin, but is unable or unwilling to do so, for that would make him old. He leaves them to have a picnic with the Wall siblings.

He sporadically appears to Gary and The Genres before he comes to provide the permanent solution against Kevin's desire to unmake the Universe. He goes to the then lost Business Office and retrieves the Mundane Egg from Snow White desk.

Afterward he leaves to the blank universe alongside most of the other Literals.

Literary DeviceEdit

Deus ex machina is a plot device whereby a seemingly unsolvable problem is suddenly and abruptly resolved by the contrived and unexpected intervention of some new event, character, ability or object.

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