Dark Man
I83 Mr. Dark
Gender Male
a.k.a. Mr. Dark
Species Fable
Hair Black
Eyes Yellow
First Appearance "Fables 77"
Last Appearance "Fables 106"
Death Issue "Fables 106"
Cause of Death Locked away along with Mr. North.
Status Dead
Series Lifespan "Fables 77" to "Fables 106"
North Wind and Mr. Dark death
Mr. Dark is locked away along with Mr. North.
Dark Man Gallery

Dark Man, also known as Mr. Dark is one of the Great Powers. He is the embodiment of all that is malign and corrupt in existence.

He was imprisoned by the Boxing League, a corps of the Imperial Warlock. Although imprisoned in a box for centuries, he still has influence through several of his artifacts such as the Witching Cloak. 

He was freed when two adventurers opened his box, believing there was something of great value in it. Once freed, Mr. Dark put the two adventurers into a trance and spent many days talking to them until they turned into skeletons. Declaring the Fables of Fabletown his enemies for their use of the witching cloak, which was by right his, he left his prison and travelled to the Mundy World. 

Mr. Dark being a great power proved himself to be an even more dangerous adversary to the Fables. His power is equal to that of North Wind (or, according to himself, greater). Before his arrival to the Mundy World, he broke the spell that held Fabletown together, thus unbinding the magic that held the Woodlands building and Bullfinch street together. This causes the Fables to retreat to the Farm. His dark influence and his spell of unbinding on the witching cloak caused the death of Boy Blue, as a thread of it was stuck inside his arm, and the spell destroyed the cloak. 

Once he arrived in the ruins of Fabletown, he began his search for the Fables and slowly built his castle among the ruins. 

Although ruthless and fearsome, he proved himself capable of sympathy when he agreed to grant Nurse Spratt her three wishes and take her home to live in his castle after having abandoned the other Fables.

He has displayed the ability to turn people, both Fable and Mundy, into his familiars by killing them and taking their teeth. However, he is only able to summon his familiars as many times as the number of teeth he has collected from them.

After only barely defeating Frau Totenkinder, Mr. Dark regained power before he was attacked by the North Wind. North sealed both Mr Dark and himself into his casket of primordial winds, killing them both in order to both protect the Fables and prevent himself from fulfilling his oath to kill all zephyrs, including his grandson.


While Dark Man's name does not come from any specific story, it is clear that his presence carries out in various panels of literature, folklore and mythology, having collected names such as the Bogeyman, the Dullahan, the Khokhan, the Buse, Mörkö, The Dunganga, The Abo Ragl Ma Shokla, Burned Man, Lake Man, Buback, Torbalan and too many others to mention. However, he bares a striking resemblance to Sandman's Morpheus, and may have been based off of him.

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