Conner Wolf

I150 Conner Child

Adult Conner

Bigby's 4th Form

Species Fable
Hair Black
Eyes Blue
Family Unnamed Great-Grandmother (Presumably deceased)
North Wind - Grandfather (Deceased)
Winter Wolf - Grandmother (Deceased)
Unnamed Grandfather (Deceased)
Lauda - Grandmother (Presumably deceased)
South Wind - Great-Aunt
West Wind - Great-Uncle
East Wind - Great-Uncle
Unnamed Great-Aunt (Snow's "Stepmother") (Presumably deceased)
Geirvé - Great-Aunt (Deceased)
Halldis - Great-Aunt (Deceased)
Hallerna - Great-Aunt (Deceased)
Ísond - Great-Aunt (Deceased)
Káta - Great-Aunt (Deceased)
Kolbrún - Great-Aunt (Deceased)
Lif - Great-Aunt (Deceased)
Lúta - Great-Aunt (Deceased)
Nauma - Great-Aunt (Deceased)
Syala - Great-Aunt (Deceased)
Tobba - Great-Aunt (Deceased)
Valka - Great-Aunt (Deceased)
Bigby Wolf - Father
Snow White - Mother
Greyheart - Uncle
Snapjaw - Uncle
Longtooth - Uncle (Deceased)
Three Unnamed Uncles
Rose Red - Aunt
Winter Wolf - Sister
Blossom Wolf - Sister
Therese Wolf - Sister
Darien Wolf - Brother (Deceased)
Ambrose Wolf - Brother
Ghost Wolf - Brother
Lake - Sister-in-Law
Six Unnamed Nephews and Nieces
Unnamed Great-Great-Granddaughter
Occupation Hero/adventurer
First Appearance "Fables 30"
Last Appearance "Fables 150"
Status Alive
Series Lifespan "Fables 30" to Fables 150
Gallery Conner Wolf Gallery

Conner is one of the seven cubs born to Snow White and Bigby Wolf.

Characteristics Edit

He in many ways resembles his mother with his jet black hair. He is quieter than his siblings and tends to stay in the sidelines.

Although he loves his siblings and his father, at one point he expresses his jealousy of his brother Darien Wolf who he claimed was his father's favorite. He also expressed jealousy over the fact that Darien is the chosen pack leader.

Later on in his young adulthood Bigby and Snow took Conner to join the Shadow Players; an "Intelligence gathering" organisation due to his "Youthful Exuberance" in being violent and lustful, hoping that he could be doing it for a cause.

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