I145 Cindy
Gender Female
a.k.a. Cindy
Species Fable
Hair Blonde
Occupation Spy, Special agent, Shoe Store Owner
Family Prince Charming - Ex-husband
First Appearance "Fables 2"
Last Appearance "Fables 150"
Cause of Death Died from wounds sustained from the duel with Frau Totenkinder.
Status Dead
Series Lifespan "Fables 2" to "Fables 150"
Original Source Cinderella
Cinderella Death
Cinderella dies from her wounds.
Cinderella Gallery

Cinderella is one of the Fables and the last of the three ex-wives of Prince Charming, along with Snow White and Briar Rose. She works as a secret agent for Fabletown, formerly for Bigby Wolf and currently Beast, performing several tasks including interrogation, spying and assassination. At one time, she worked as a diplomat of Fabletown in the Cloud Kingdoms. She owns a shoe store, The Glass Slipper, as a cover for her spy work.


Cinderella doesn't have any magical powers beyond the unusual strength that comes with being a Fable. She does describe herself as an excellent spy, a competent assassin, and a lousy diplomat. She has a mean streak and has a habit of making men angry.[1]

She is very confident in her experiences as a spy for Fabletown. 



Like many of the other women in Fabletown, Cinderella was a princess in the Homelands. Another thing she shares with Snow White and Briar Rose of Fabletown is that she was once married to Prince Charming.[2]


When Cinderella arrived at Fabletown, she opened a shoe store named The Glass Slipper. However, that was just her front. In reality, she was a spy for Fabletown.

The first mission we see her carry out concerned Ichabod Crane. Her goal was to seduce him to prove him willing to reveal Fabletown secrets to join the Adversary's side, gathering evidence against him.

One of her missions was to visit the Cloud Kingdoms. She was able to get their unofficial support to allow Bigby to use them as an entry and exit point for a retaliatory mission to The Empire.[3] Later, she managed to get them to sign a treaty. The treaty wouldn't have been signed if Cinderella hadn't managed to cure the high king's ear ache.[1]

She was also charged with a mission to pick up an important package for Fabletown during the war, which turned out to be Pinocchio himself. She carried out her mission despite running into trouble, and once near Fabletown she was attacked by Rodney and June, two ex-wooden soldiers, spies of the Adversary.

She was injured, but survived thanks to her Fable nature.

The Wolf Among UsEdit

Cinderella's model can be seen multiple times in the streets of Telltale Games' The Wolf Among Us, and in the game's intro scene.

Cinderella makes a very minor appearance in the first episode "Faith". She is briefly seen crossing the street in front of Bigby and Snow's taxi while they are being driven to the Trip Trap. Bigby can also make a comment on her shoe store if interacted with. Cindy's store titled "Glass Slipper Shoes" can be found adjacent to The Woodlands Luxury Apartments. 

She also has an entry next to Donkeyskin in the book Bufkin uses to research Faith. Cinderella's page is redacted and stamped "CLASSIFIED".

Cinderella also makes a return in the third episode "A Crooked Mile". She is mentioned, if the player chooses to head to the Tweedles' office first, in a file cabinet. It shows two photos: Cindy's shoe store and a picture of her. It has a sticky note that says, "Where's Cindy been? Vacation, apparently Crispin says somewhere in Europe."

Source materialEdit

Cinderella is based on the French tale, called Cendrillon.

In the story, Cinderella lives with her evil stepmother and ugly step sisters. She's force to do all the cleaning. One day, the prince announced a ball for all the women of the kingdom. Cinderella was forced to stay home.

While she cried at home, Cinderella's fairy godmother appeared and made her a dress, carriage, servants, and a pair of glass slippers. However, she was warned that they would all disappear at midnight. Cinderella captured the attention of everyone at the ball, including the prince. However, she had to rush out at midnight. The prince didn't know who she was, but was determined to find out using a glass slipper she had left behind.

The prince tried the slipper on everyone in the kingdom. When he came to Cinderella's house, both stepsisters tried it on and failed, but it fit Cinderella perfectly. Cinderella married the prince and forgave her sisters for their cruelty.


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