Briar Rose
I139 Briar Rose
Gender Female
a.k.a. Sleeping Beauty
Species Fable
Hair Auburn brown
Eyes Blue
Homeworld Seppantyre, Homelands
Family Prince Charming - Ex-Husband
First Appearance "Fables 12"
Death Issue "Fairest: In All the Land" (Later revived)
Cause of Death Stabbed by Goldilocks.
Status Resurrected
Series Lifespan "Fables 12" to present
Original Source Sleeping Beauty
IATL Briar and Alder Death
Briar is stabbed by Goldilocks with the Sword of Regret and then set on fire.
Briar Rose Gallery

Briar Rose, also known as the Sleeping Beauty, is Prince Charming's second ex-wife.


Cursed BirthEdit

Briar Rose was born to a king and queen who had difficulty conceiving, so her birth was celebrated by the whole Kingdom of Seppantyre. Her godmothers, the fairies of the Twilight Lands, each bestowed a gift onto her, one of them being the gift of eternal wealth.

However, Hadeon the Destroyer, a fairy who was not invited to the feast, cursed her with death upon pricking her finger on a spinning wheel. This was stopped by Leysa the Defender, who manipulated the curse so that the princess, and everyone around her, would merely fall into a deep slumber when she pricks her finger with anything sharp, followed by the growth of rose thorns around the building, and may only be awakened by true love's kiss.

After Briar first pricked her finger, she was awakened by Prince Charming and married him; however, this did not end her curse.

She later divorced him for reasons unknown (most likely he was having an affair) and when the Adversary invaded, she was able to escape to the Mundy World.

Escape to FabletownEdit

Upon Briar's arrival in New York, she rapidly gained wealth because of successfully speculating on the stock market. She also gained popularity with her own rock band, which Snow White made her shut down as the risk of exposing her nature as a Fable grew.

The Wolf Among UsEdit

BOF Briar Rose
Briar Rose doesn't make an appearance in The Wolf Among Us. However, her apartment can be seen in "A Crooked Mile" if Bigby visits Crane's apartment first, and a Book of Fables entry can be unlocked for her during "In Sheep's Clothing" by examining a pincushion in the Lucky Pawn.

Book of Fables EntryEdit

One of the few Fables to find fortune in this world, Briar Rose has even turned her weakness into a strength. When her finger is pricked, it not only puts her to sleep, but also those within a certain radius of her slumber. This can be a powerful tool, and is just one of the ways this Sleeping Beauty is more than just a pretty face. If only she didn't need a kiss from a prince to wake her up.

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