BOF Bluebeard's Mercy

Bluebeard's Mercy is an unlockable Book of Fables entry in The Wolf Among Us, earned for being peaceful with Bigby's arrest in "Smoke & Mirrors".

Book of Fables EntryEdit

After a long line of marriages resulting in "mysterious disappearances", Bluebeard's last wife in the Homelands was naturally suspicious of him. One day he departed on business, leaving her alone in his estate. He gave her free reign of all the rooms, but made her promise to not open the closet on the ground floor. She defied him, of course, and discovered the location of his missing wives. When Bluebeard returned he knew he must kill her before she revealed his murderous secret. She persuaded him to allow her a moment to pray, which he reluctantly granted. This small mercy gave her brothers time to arrive and rescue her, and Bluebeard's crimes were exposed.  

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