The following are images of Bigby Wolf (Comic Series)

Fables Edit

Volume 1: Legends in ExileEdit

Fables 5Edit

Volume 2: Animal FarmEdit

Volume 3: Storybook LoveEdit

Fables 16Edit

Fables 17Edit

Volume 4: March of the Wooden SoldiersEdit

Fables 24Edit

Fables 27Edit

Volume 5: The Mean SeasonsEdit

Fables 22Edit

Fables 30Edit

Volume 6: HomelandsEdit

Volume 7: Arabian Nights (and Days)Edit

Volume 8: WolvesEdit

Fables 49Edit

Fables 50Edit

Volume 9: Sons of EmpireEdit

Fables 53Edit

Fables 56Edit

Volume 10: The Good PrinceEdit

Fables 65Edit

Volume 11: War and PiecesEdit

Fables 73Edit

Volume 12: The Dark AgesEdit

Fables 80Edit

Volume 13: The Great Fables CrossoverEdit

Fables 83Edit

Volume 14: WitchesEdit

Volume 15: Rose RedEdit

Volume 16: Super TeamEdit

Fables 104Edit

Volume 17: Inherit the WindEdit

Fables 111Edit

Fables 112Edit

Volume 18: Cubs in ToylandEdit

Fables 116Edit

Fables 123Edit

Volume 19: Snow WhiteEdit

Fables 127Edit

Fables 128Edit

Fables 129Edit

Volume 20: CamelotEdit

Fables 134Edit

Volume 21: Happily Ever AfterEdit

Fables 141Edit

Fables 144Edit

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