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I143 Beast

Beast 01

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Species Fable
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Family Beauty - Wife
Bliss - Daughter
Occupation Fabletown's Sheriff (formerly)
First Appearance "Fables 1"
Last Appearance "Fables 144"
Death Issue "Fables 144"
Cause of Death Mauled to death by Bigby.
Status Dead
Series Lifespan "Fables 1" to "Fables 144"
Original Source Beauty and the Beast
Gallery Beast (Comic Series) Gallery
144 Beast Death

Lord Beast is the husband of Beauty and the father of Bliss. A resident of Fabletown. At the beginning of the series his curse is shown to be in a state of flux, making him human when his wife is happy with him and increasingly bestial as she becomes dissatisfied with him.

He later becomes the second sheriff of Fabletown after Bigby Wolf retires. In order to make him more effective in his new role Frau Totenkinder and the 13th Floor manipulate his curse so he can transform at will. He is considered a competent sheriff, but lacks his predecessor's strategic brilliance.


Despite his name, Beast is actually quite polite and civil. Unlike Bigby who is regarded by some Fables in fear and contempt, Beast is usually treated fairly and friendly by the other Fables. He isn't without his flaws. He can be naive and absent-minded: when he became sheriff, he misguidingly fired Flycatcher from his job as a janitor, believing that Bigby had treated him unfairly with all the community service, while in truth it was to keep Flycatcher's depression from paining him. Beast is quick to fix his mistakes however and "forces" Flycatcher to do community service again. 

Inexperinced at first, Beast soon becomes quite competent as a Sheriff. He developed a liking for the espionage game and is able to keep order in Fabletown. He is also shown to be a capable leader, evident when he is shown to be involved with the war effort against the Empire. Like his predecessor, he is capable of using his beastly nature to his advantage. He intimidated Jack to cooperate. Yet, he is capable of showing mercy as shown when he exiled Jack from ever entering Fabletown. 

Despite sometimes bickering and fighting, Beast is quite devoted to Beauty. He wants to make sure that she has a happy and secured life. 

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