Arthur Harp
Harp werewolves
Gender Male
a.k.a. Sergeant Harp
Species Human
Family Sieglinde von Abensberg und Traun - Wife (Deceased)
Carl Harp - Son'(Deceased)
Oda Harp - Daughter
Alwin Harp - Son
First Appearance "Issue 29"
Last Appearance "Fables: Werewolves of the Heartland"
Death Issue "Fables: Werewolves of the Heartland"
Cause of Death Beheaded by Bigby
Status Dead
Harp death
Harp Gallery

Sergeant Arthur Harp was a close friend and ally to Bigby Wolf during the events of World War II, helping him stop the German Nazi's.

Background Edit

He was thought to have perished in the explosion of the aftermath of the fight between Bigby and Frankenstein's Monster.

It was later learned that during the Bigby's escape from Frankenstein's castle Dr. Abensberg and Harp were infected with Bigby's blood which contained the Lycanthropic virus which enabled them to be able to transform into werewolves.

Dr. Abensberg and Harp would later kidnap and infect people with their blood to force them to become werewolves while forcing the "subjects" to depend on them such as killing one girl's parents.

Eventually Harp and Abensberg would found Story City a city populated entirely by werewolves all the while having three children of their own; Carl, Oda and Alwin.

Eventually after Bigby found Story City and discovering the repressive laws and draconian society Bigby shamed Harp all the while Harp being blind to see the town for what it was.

Unknown to Harp his sons were plotting to kill Bigby, Being no match for him Bigby killed Carl and his wife.

After gathering the town together Bigby beheaded Harp due him being a weak leader and putting his son Alwin in charge as pack leader reporting to Bigby himself.

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